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Dukan Diet Menu Is One Of Essential

Dukan Diet Menu Is One Of Essential

Dukan diet is really needed to success your diet program now. Dukan diet program is invented by a French doctor Pierre Dukan. He found this program more than 10 years ago as his treatment for many obese people.  Dukan diet menu is one of diet programs that you can do not only to get or maintain your weight but also to keep your body always to be healthy. This diet becomes the most choice of diet program that is done by many people. Many dieters are very satisfied with the result that they can get from this wight loss program. If you are curious about dukan diet program and want to know more about this, you can read dukan diet reviews.

Dukan Diet phases

You can find the diet review that you need from a lot of sources. You can find it from health magazines or you can also search about it from the internet. This review will tell you about anything that you should know about this diet program. You can also find about dukan diet menu or dukan diet recipes that will make easier to run this dukan program. After reading the review of diet program, you will know that this program is not that hard to do.

Basically dukan diet program is a four- steps diet program. Every step of this program has different dukan diet menu that can be had or not.  The first step of thid diet is attack phase. This phase is a way to get rid the fat inside your body. dukan diet foods are suitable for this phase is the foods that contains protein but having low fat. You can have the foods include fish, poultry, and egg. You can still have some meat as long as it has low fat, such as lean beef. You can also consume soy bean and low fat diary.

Dukan diet menu plan for the second phase of dukan diet can have vegetables. This second phase of diet is called cruise phase. The menu that you can have for this phase include green vegetables. You can have them raw also. If you want get some ideas about raw vegetables that will give you energy to get success diet, you should watch This Video.  But there is one thing that you should remember for doing this phase is only choosing the green vegetables. Vegetables such as potatoes and carrots are out from this phase.

The next phase for this diet is consolidation phase. This phase is not as strict as the first and the second phase. Besides vegetables, fruits are allowed for dukan diet foods in this phase. But make sure that you choose low- sugar fruits lemon, lime, grapefruits and cranberry. The fourth phase which is the last phase of dukan diet is stabilization phase. In this phase you can eat any kinds of food that you like, even your favorite foods for your dukan diet menu plan.

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