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Dukan Diet – The Four Phases

Dukan Diet – The Four Phases

The Dukan Diet consists of four different phases, each one playing a big role in a persons weight loss and in maintaining that new weight.  Let’s take a look at each of these four phases.

The first stage is the Attack Phase which is a protein only stage.  This phase will  last between three and ten days and the time you spend on this phase will depend on how much weight you have to lose overall.  For those with only a little amount of weight to lose, they will only need to be on the attack phase for three days.  For those with a lot of weight to lose then they will need to be on this phase for up to ten days. At first glance the thought of having protein only can seem like you diet will be quite limited, but in fact, there is quite a bit that you can do with protein foods. During the Attack Phase, you should have quite a big weight loss in that short period of time.

The next stage of this diet is the Cruise Phase.  With the Cruise Phase, you can eat all the protein foods that you eat during the first phase and you can also add vegetables to your diet.  During this phase you alternate days of protein only with days of protein plus vegetables.  This can be done by alternating one-day protein, one-day protein plus veg, or some people prefer to do five days protein only, then five days of protein plus veg.  It really is a personal choice and long term it ends up the same number of days on each.  It has been shown though that people tend to find it easier to stick to the diet if they alternate each day as five days of protein only regularly can be a bit daunting.

You remain on the Cruise Phase until you reach your goal weight

The problem with most diets is that even if you can stick with a diet long enough to reach your goal weight, often it isn’t long before you start gaining that weight back.  So many people lose weight only to be disappointed at putting it all back on again. This is one big factor that makes the Dukan Diet different than most other diets, the consolidation phase helps your body to adjust to it’s new eating habits and new weight to reduce the risk of putting the weight back on again.

If you miss this phase and go straight back to eating normally then you will likely put the weight back on, but with the Consolidation Phase, your diet is still partly restricted until your metabolism adjusts to the new you.  During this stage you introduce pasta, rice, potatoes and fruit and the diet is much less restricted, although you will still have one day a week of protein only.

Stabilization Phase is the final stage of this diet and you remain on this stage for the rest of your life.  Basically this stage is just a healthy eating choice of lifestyle that will help you to keep your weight off and have a healthy diet. During this stage you will still have one day a week that is protein only and this is the key to keeping your weight off permanently.  One day a week of protein only is a small price for maintaining a good weight and a healthy life.


The Dukan Diet is very well thought out and these four different stages all work together to form a great diet.  If you can follow this diet very carefully and be determined to lose weight, then this diet will really give you a good chance at achieving that as well as keeping that weight off.

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